We collect user activity data

To make VisualRuler better with each release, we collect analytical data about how our users use the app. Analytical information contains which screens did the user opened and how long did they stayed on that screen. This helps us to understand how our customer thinks above our app and if certain screens/features confuse users and also how easy they are understandable.

Analytical information contains your device type, iOS version, system language and from your IP also your approximate location. Location can be detected maximally in the level of of city/town. All this information cannot be used for identification of the user.

We also collect stack trace of a crash. This helps us to fix bugs we have made and with each fix we are getting closer to the perfection :)

We do not collect pictures you took

We understand that sometimes you may use your credit card or other card with sensitive information as a reference rectangle. We do not make any analyses over the pictures you took and also they are never sent anywhere through internet.

Pictures can be stored when you manually select to store pictures with measurements you have made.

Do not export/share measurements with sensitive card

If you have used credit card/sensitive card as a reference card, then please do not export the picture or share.

I have more questions and concerns about my privacy

Please contact us to our mail

Last update made: 16th July 2016